Unleash the Ultimate Scoot: Fat Tire Wholesalers Deconstructs a Powerhouse Machine

At Fat Tire Wholesalers, we're not just about selling electric scooters; we're about fueling urban adventures. That's why we don't just hand you a set of handlebars and say "go." We want you to know every detail of your electric steed, to understand the heart and soul of the machine that will carry you through the concrete jungle. So, buckle up, scooter enthusiasts, because we're about to dissect a powerhouse: the Fat Tire Wholesalers electric scooter, feature by glorious feature.

E-Scooter on concrete jungle

Powering Your Ride:

  • 60V 20Ah Battery: This isn't your grandma's scooter engine. This lithium-ion beast packs a punch, offering extended range and enough juice to conquer even the steepest hills. Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to endless exploration.
  • Battery Charger: Fueling up is a breeze with our smart charger. Just plug it in, and your trusty steed will be recharged and ready for your next escapade in no time.

Command and Control:

  • Throttle: Twist and conquer! This intuitive throttle puts the power in your hands, letting you effortlessly control your speed and navigate the urban landscape with precision.
  • Power Cord: Never be caught with a dead battery, even on the go. This handy cord lets you plug your scooter into any outlet, ensuring you always have a backup plan.
  • Phone Holder With Charger: Stay connected and in control with our built-in phone holder. Not only does it keep your maps and music within reach, but it also charges your phone while you ride, eliminating the need for bulky power banks.

Safety First:

  • Left and Right Brake Handles: React and stop with confidence. Our responsive brake handles ensure you have complete control over your speed and can come to a safe halt whenever needed.
  • Key and Floorboard Lock Mechanism: Rest assured, your trusty steed will be waiting for you when you return. Our secure lock system deters thieves and gives you peace of mind.

Comfort and Convenience:

  • Floor mat: Add a touch of style and comfort to your ride. Our durable floor mat protects the deck from wear and tear while providing a stable and grippy surface for your feet.
  • Rear Basket: Don't leave anything behind! This versatile basket lets you haul groceries, gym bags, or even spontaneous picnic supplies, turning your scooter into a multi-functional urban transporter.

Performance Upgrades:

  • 60V 1500W Controller: Unleash the beast within! This powerful controller delivers exceptional acceleration and climbing power, making even the most challenging inclines a breeze.
  • Brake Discs: Stop on a dime, every time. Our reliable disc brakes offer superior stopping power for added safety and control, especially in wet weather conditions.

Visibility and Style:

  • Side Mirrors: Keep an eye on your surroundings without breaking a sweat. Our integrated side mirrors expand your field of vision, enhancing safety and awareness.
  • Headlights: Conquer the night, safely and stylishly. Our bright headlights illuminate your path, ensuring you can see and be seen even after dark.
  • Rear Light and Blinker: Safety first, style close behind. The integrated rear light and blinkers keep you visible to other road users, while adding a touch of sleekness to your ride.

This is just a taste of the engineering magic that goes into every Fat Tire Wholesalers electric scooter. We don't just sell machines; we build companions for your urban adventures. So, come explore our showroom, test drive these features yourself, and find the perfect scooter to power your next journey. Remember, it's not just about getting around; it's about experiencing the city in a whole new way. Roll with Fat Tire Wholesalers, and let the adventure begin!

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